Theatre of Illumination for Leeds Light Night (Sound by Lee J Malcolm of Tonenoise.com & Tom Hopkins)


 Video Showreel for Tonenoise Game-Audio


Examples of our previous work include:

Spotify adverts for Polar Bear and Wild Birds & Peace Drums

Swooop – 3D browser game by Playcanvas

Live To Die – a game by Floriaen

Dungeon Fury – 3D browser game for mobile devices

Rapture Capture – Online 3D multiplayer browser game

Halloween e-card – Interactive 3D Halloween e -card

Third Star theatrical trailer (from 0.52 onwards) – Vessels – All Our Ends

Being Human (USA) – S2E10 closing sequence – Vessels – Yuki

PlayCanvas.com – Demos ‘Little Planet Big Rocket’ and ‘Alone’

Column – a game by Floriaen

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