High-End Audio

Theatre of Illumination @Leeds Light Night (Sound by Lee J. Malcolm of Tonenoise & Tom Hopkins)


Here at Tonenoise we can create high-quality professional audio for your projects, whether they are film trailers, TV adverts, audio-visual art installations, video games or anything in between.

Above is an example of the quality you can expect if you choose to work with us – footage from the main attraction at Leeds Light Night Festival 2014. This installation was put together by Omni Pictures, with sound from Lee J. Malcolm of Tonenoise.com and Tom Hopkins of the band New Build.

Here is a short description take from Omni website;

Theatre of Illumination is an ultramodern white light show that premiered on Vincent Harris’ iconic neoclassical Civic Hall building in Leeds, UK, for Light Night 2014. With the explosive energy of a firework display using projection mapped geometric design, pseudo optical illusions and presented with surround sound this spectacle of light and sound transported it’s audience on a journey through space and time like no other.”

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