5:12s 130bpm. Industrial techno with vocal sample.

5:12s 135bpm. Techno with acid-style bassline start and throbbing synth finish.

3:08s 126bpm. Gnarly tech-house with glitchy bits.

6:39s 125bpm. Stomping tech-house with fizzy horn drone.

7:40s 125 bpm. Banging techno with lots of distorted synths.

11:06s 135bpm. Filthy, progressive techno/electronica with half-time breakdown.

6:05s 130bpm. Bleepy bouncy tech-house.

7:30s 130bpm. Spacious & widescreen deep tech-house.

6:58s 127bpm. Fizzy, bleepy tech-house.

6:31s 135bpm. Swinging, cheeky techno.

6:14s 120bpm. Twisted tribal Techno with marimbas and a swampy bassline.

9:13s 130bpm. Gnarly techno with funky intro and glitchy breakdown.

7:04s 120bpm. Moody techno, quite minimal.

5:10s 132bpm. Upbeat house with throbbing bassline.

5:58s 130bpm. Moody techno with strong momentum. Suitable for race games/scenes.

8:32 141bpm. Itchy-feet techno with acid-style basslines and twilight zone melodies.

6:38s 130bpm. Breakbeat techno with a healthy dose of gnarl and a filthy bassline.

6:35 120bpm. Bouncy, deep tech-house with some mild cheekiness.

7:04s 120bpm. Laid back techno/electronica with quirky melody.

8:20s 132bpm. Squelchy, silly techno with lots of ring-modulators.

5:11s 125bpm. Banging industrial techno.

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