4:24s 100bpm. Dark and menacing industrial electronica.

2:40s 120bpm. Wistful electronica with a boinky groove and zither melody.

6:09s 130bpm. 8bit-influenced electronica with a cheeky sprinkling of glitch.

1:20s 120bpm. Reflective rhodes chords with classic drum-machine beats.

11:06s 135bpm. Filthy, progressive techno/electronica with half-time breakdown.

4:00s 188bpm. Frenetic jungle-y electronica with piano breakdown and orchestral flourishes.

5:12s 157bpm. Hectic uptempo breakbeat electronica with plenty of cheek.

2:52s 156bpm. Short ‘n’ squelchy fast techno/electronica.

2:56s 190bpm. Super-speed bonkers IDM electronica.

8:20s 127bpm. Widescreen, cinematic electronica/breakbeat with strings and tablas.

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