1:07s 99bpm. B-movie horror-style chord progression loop with breakbeat and subtle beatboxing.

6:42s 120bpm. Nu-school breaks with distorted piano intro, lilting string melody and clarinets.

7:26s 130bpm. Distorted and menacing wobbly synths over nu-school breakbeats.

5:18s 133bpm. Squeaky, cheeky nu-school breaks.

5:12s 157bpm. Hectic uptempo breakbeat electronica with plenty of cheek.

5:40s 126 bpm. Pokey electro breaks with vocoder intro.

1:50s 104bpm. Spacious synths and glitchy grooves with tight programmed drums and twinkly melody.

0:03 126bpm. Very short breakbeat loop with synth.

5:29s 123bpm. Cheeky breakbeat with a delicate sprinkling of evilness.

5:57s 118bpm. Spacious breakbeat with big swells.

6:38s 130bpm. Breakbeat techno with a healthy dose of gnarl and a filthy bassline.

5:55s 120bpm. Quirky electronica with breakbeats and strange chords.

8:20s 127bpm. Widescreen, cinematic electronica/breakbeat with strings and tablas.

4:30s 127bpm. Bombastic filthy big-beat breakbeat.

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